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Boils Can Be Serious

Boil Gone is not intended to treat or prevent any medical condition.  Boils can be serious, lead to serious infection, or in some cases indicate underlying medical issues that can only be diagnosed or treated by a physician.  If your boil is growing in size, painful, infected, or accompanied by a fever, seek immediate medical attention.

Here to Help

If Boil Gone™ does not start working within 24 hours, we will considerately issue a full refund, no hassle.  If your boil continues growing in size, please discontinue use and see a doctor.  Limit one bottle. Select the Free Shipping option for a no-hassle return policy. We’re here to help.

When Using Boil Gone

When used as instructed Boil Gone™ penetrates deep under the skin, targeting impurities, oils, and dead skin cells. This enables the skin to breathe, perspire, and eventually dry out, in a small targeted area.

Before the damaged skin can heal and repair itself, boils under that area of skin must stop growing and eventually dry out, or in some cases scab over.  If your body is on the right track to health, the resulting blemish or scab should then begin looking better.  In some cases, particularly with larger boils, it can take several weeks, even months, to heal.

Topical ointments, salves, and creams are often helpful at repairing damaged skin back to a normal healthy appearance. Soothing humectants, for example, help keep the damaged skin hydrated and moisturized.

Do not apply Boil Gone in combination with any skin product, as an allergic reaction may occur. Before using Boil Gone, the area of skin should be thoroughly clean, rinsed, and completely dry.


For best results, use Boil Gone at the first sign of a newly forming boil.  The larger more developed boils can be even more damaging to skin, so it’s important to address boils early and take preventative measures like practicing good hygiene, washing hands with antibacterial soaps, cleansing away body oils, and keeping skin dry, preferably only having contact with sanitary surfaces.  The resulting blemished skin should then begin the repair process to fully healthy skin.  If a boil continues to grow, becomes painful, or is accompanied by a fever, you should see a doctor.
Boil Gone is an advanced formula that works by penetrating the skin to target the source of the boil, drying the skin, and dissolving impurities to help the skin to breathe and perspire.  Thousands of customers trust Boil Gone as the #1 solution for recurring boils.

Why Try Boil Gone?

Boils are often treated at home with ointments or salves. Unfortunately, most of these products contain solids and oils that create barriers on the skin’s surface, blocking pores.

Boil Gone is designed to penetrate deep into skin pores (hair follicles) to cleanse out oils, residues, and dead skin cells.

Boil Gone™ works by penetrating underneath the skin at the site of the boil, actively cleansing the boil, removing oils and moisture in the skin, keeping the area dry, clean, and topically disinfected.

You’ll know that Boil Gone is working if your boil stops growing in size within 24 hours of regular applications, as instructed. When a boil stops growing, the skin should gradually begin to self-repair, which can take as long as several weeks before the area of skin looks normal again.

Boil Gone Penetrates Under Skin

Boil Gone™ is the FIRST boil remedy product designed to penetrate and cleanse a targeted area of skin.  This topical liquid formula cleanses, disinfects, and dries out the skin, helping the boil area to breathe and perspire. Boil Gone is a strong penetrating liquid designed to cleanse and detoxify skin and pores, drying out the targeted area of skin to promote breathing and perspiration

Boils And Skin Hygeine

Much like pimples, large boils can leave behind scars and cause stretching of the skin as the boil expands in size.  This can create an environment under the skin that is more susceptible to getting a boil in the same spot at some point in the future.

When your boil starts reducing in size and drying out, you should consider using a humectant skin moisturizer or a topical ointment to help restore the area of skin back to normal health.

Please Note: Boils that continue to grow in size or become painful and swollen should be seen by a doctor, as these could be indicators of a medical condition that can only be diagnosed and treated with medication or by lancing the boil (surgical procedure).

Other boil remedies are designed to relieve boil pain and reduce swelling but do not target the boil under the skin. In fact, many of these products will create a barrier on your skin, whereas Boil Gone cleanses out pores and follicles helping the area of skin to breathe and perspire.

Boil Gone really does work for many people and if for some reason it doesn’t help your boil, we’ll give you a full refund for a single bottle!

Personal hygiene and body mass may also affect one’s chances of getting boils.  Boils occur more often in warm, moist areas on the skin, such as skin folds, inner thighs, groin region, buttocks, and underarms.  Minor abrasions in the skin create openings around hair follicles where boils can form.

Remedies for Boils

People who experience reoccurring boils should take measures to keep skin healthy and clean, and should constantly be on the lookout for newly forming boils.  There are a variety of remedies and treatments available and wide-ranging experiences with what actually works for different individuals.  Some boil treatments address boils internally, while others provide pain relief or reduce inflammation.  There are also a variety of cleansers available that have been used as remedies.  

When considering remedies for a boil, please be aware that boils the size of a pimple can in some cases develop and become severe, requiring medical treatment. When boils grow extremely large, they may even require surgical treatment.

As boils grow, the forming mass under the skin effectively creates pressure and expansion in the area. The pocket of pus essentially takes up space where it doesn’t belong.  This may cause the skin to become increasingly elastic, creating a pocket where boils may reform at some point in the future.

If your boil has become large and painful, your doctor may perform a minor surgical procedure, in which they lance the boil, forcibly opening it to drain the pus and clean out the boil.  When boils regularly pop up, it may be an early warning sign of something that you should get checked out by your doctor. 

Recurring boils may cause stress to your body’s general health and immune system. Underlying health issues can go hand-in-hand with recurring boils, so it’s important to go see a doctor and simply view the boils as your body’s feedback system letting you know that something may not be right.

Warm Compress Boil Treatment
  • Most common boil treatment
  • Takes several days to work
  • Does not kill bacteria under skin
  • Causes boil to swell to head
  • Expands skin from boil swelling
  • Safe to self-treat at home

The warm compress boil treatment method is the most popular of all at-home boil treatments.  It helps the body perspire and the warm towel helps absorb oils, dead skin cells, and other impurities, residues.

Use a clean cotton towel, preferably a hand towel folded in a square, and always remember to wear sterile gloves for this procedure to prevent the infection from spreading to other parts of your body.  You may want to disinfect the towel in boiling water to ensure that it is sanitary before use.

When the towel is cool enough to handle it, run it under warm to hot water, wring out the excess water, and fold the towel into a square.  Do not apply a scorching hot towel compress to your boil as this may damage your skin or slow the healing process.

Apply the warm compress to the surface of the boil, holding it firmly against the skin to create a seal.  This will help ease your pain and help draw pus from deep within the boil to the skin surface.  You can repeat this process several times to help the boil come to a head, which is the point at which it feels like it is ready to rupture.  Eventually, your boil will burst, releasing the bacteria, pus, blood, and dead cells.

It is critically important that you clean and disinfect the affected area of skin after each new compress cycle.  When the boil begins to drain with pus, wash the opening and surrounding area of skin with antibacterial soap repeatedly until it stops leaking pus.

Clean the area with rubbing alcohol and apply a topical antibiotic or alternative antibiotic solution to the boil and surrounding areas.  Be sure to cover the area of skin with a large bandage to prevent exposure to re-infection.  It is recommended to continue to wash this area several times per day, using warm compresses when necessary, keeping it clean, disinfected, dry, and covered until the wound fully heals.

That’s Why We Call It Boil Gone!

Boils should be treated with a sense of urgency.  They can be associated with underlying medical conditions and if they go untreated, can cause various health issues.  Boils can spread on your body and also spread from person to person.  Many people develop boils in public places such as hospitals and locker rooms.

Boils Can Cause Permanent Scarring:  Large boils can cause permanent scars and skin discoloration.  If you can help stop the growth of the boil, you may be able to prevent such scarring and other types of skin damage.  The smaller the boil, the lesser the chance of injuring the skin and causing unsightly scars.  It is strongly recommended to use Boil Gone at the first noticeable sign of a new boil.

Boil Gone has been shown to be highly effective on fully developed boils.  Ointments, such as those containing bacitracin or neomycin (e.g., Neosporin™, may be used in conjunction with using Boil Gone.  It is recommended to wait one hour after a Boil Gone application, then clean the area with soapy water, before applying a topical ointment to the area.

If your boil is increasing in size, painful, or accompanied by a fever, don’t wait, seek immediate medical attention.

As soon as you think you might be getting a boil, begin washing your hands first, then proceed to wash the area of skin nearest the boil.

Boil Gone Use Instructions Summary


1. Read and follow the included instructions.
2. Wash the affected areas and rinse thoroughly.
3. Apply Boil Gone (liquid) with brush applicator.
4. Sufficiently coat boils and surrounding skin area.
5. Allow the liquid to absorb into the skin and dry.
6. Let the skin dry 30 seconds before 2nd coat.
7. Wait 20-30 minutes and observe skin reaction.


8. If you experience any discomfort, discontinue use.
9. Subsequent applications, apply 2-3 additional coats.
10. Repeat the above steps, apply up to 3-5 times per day.
11. Do not use in combination with other topical skin products. Ointments, salves, even soaps, leave behind pore-clogging residues that prevent Boil Gone from penetrating the skin. If skin becomes irritated, or as the blemish begins to dry out, use an ointment such as Neosporin™ to help repair damaged skin.

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Trust Your Doctor

*IMPORTANT:  Boils can be serious, even life-threatening, and it is always advised to seek immediate medical attention if you suspect a developing a severe skin infection, a painful boil that is growing in size, or if accompanied by a fever.

Please, if you are experiencing boils and they are getting larger in size or more painful, don’t wait – see your doctor!

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