Overnight Shipping – Orders Received Before 10 AM, CST

Boil Gone is a scientific breakthrough that penetrates the skin and helps people get rid of boils fast.  We offer an expedited shipping service to help Boil Gone customers receive their shipment quickly.  In most cases, “Express” orders received before 10 am CST will arrive the next day.  In few cases, these “overnight” shipments arrive in two days, but this is not common. We understand the importance of fast shipping and work hard to ensure that orders are shipped to all customers as quickly as possible.

We offer expedited shipping to U.S. customers, excluding shipments to Alaska and Hawaii.  There is a flat fee of $25.00 for our expedited shipping service.  We typically use USPS Express mail, which has had an excellent track record of reliability and tends to be more lenient on cutoff times, which ensures that your package will arrive as quickly as possible.

Please Note:  In most cases, USPS Express mail arrives the next business day, but there are some cases, usually depending on the delivery address, where USPS Express packages will arrive two days after you place an order.  For example, if we receive your Express order on Friday after 10 am, your order may not ship out until the following Monday, assuming USPS offices are open.  

Typically, expedited orders received before 10 am CST will arrive to you on the following business day.  This depends on your location, and in some cases weather and road conditions.  Expedited orders received on Friday after 10 am, Saturday, or Sunday are typically shipped out on Monday (assuming USPS offices are open) and will typically arrive on Tuesday in such cases.  Before you place your order, please send an email to info@boilgone.com to double-check with us regarding processing and shipping times for your Express orders.  We’re here to help!  

We offer this Express shipping service because we know how important it can be to get Boil Gone fast!