#1 Fast-Acting Topical Boil Treatment

Boil Gone – Fast Acting Topical Skin Boil Treatment

Boil Gone – Fast Acting Topical Skin Boil Treatment


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Boil Gone is a topical skin application treatment to help relieve boils.  Boil Gone is specially formulated to penetrate deep under the skin and stop the boil at the source, beneath the skin. Boils may occur on the legs, back, inner thigh, groin and buttocks region, underarms, chest, stomach, neck, scalp, and under folds of skin. This product must not be used near the eyes, ears, mouth, or around any mucous membranes.

Boils can be serious – it is highly recommended that you consult your physician or dermatologist prior to using Boil Gone.  If you have any questions regarding the application of Boil Gone, given the precise nature of your condition, please seek medical advice from your physician.  Please visit the Boil Gone Home Page to learn more information about Boil Gone, as well as other information about treatments of skin boils and Staph bacterial skin infections.

Boil Gone is formulated in a U.S. laboratory and uses the highest quality dermatologically-tested ingredients.  This fast-acting, maximum-strength formula contains uniquely compounded beta hydroxy acids, plant-based concentrates, and the mineral zinc, formulated in a liquid isopropanol-base.  This is a highly concentrated formula designed for targeted application at the boil head.  It is not a pain reliever or drawing salve formulation.  It is designed to penetrate deeply under the skin to target the boil at its source.

This powerful formula is applied at the boil site with the included brush applicator (or cotton swab), one drop at a time for a highly controlled and targeted application directly to the head (crown) of the boil.  The concentrated formula targets the boil by entering the pores of the skin, into hair follicles at the boil site, penetrating deep down into the sebaceous glands where bacteria colonies would be otherwise protected by the outer layers of skin and skin oils.  Boil Gone is effective because it breaches the skin’s natural barriers to reach bacteria at the source site of the boil underneath the skin.

Results in 24 Hours – The boil must STOP growing, the healing process begins.
If Boil Gone is used as directed, within 24 hours the boil’s growth should significantly decelerate or stop entirely.  At this first stage of recovery, dead and dying bacteria, as well as pus (white blood cells, proteins, dead and living bacteria) will still exist under the skin – in other words, the boil will not entirely disappear in 24 hours, but the bacteria causing the boil should begin to die off, accompanied by a delayed and gradual reduction in pus (immune system response function).

In most cases, at this initial healing stage, the boil will still be tender, painful, accompanied by stretched (dome-shaped) and damaged skin.  After several days of continued use, you should begin to notice a significant reduction in the size of the boil, as the pus begins to decompose and or excrete through closed or naturally opened (not lanced) skin.  In severe cases, particularly with larger and more aggressive boils, the healing and recovery process can be up to 2-3 weeks before the area of skin begins to normalize in appearance and texture.

If you do not see any sign of improvement within 24 hours (or the boil continues to enlarge), it is critically important that you seek immediate medical attention – boils left untreated may result in serious health complications.

To ensure maximum effectiveness, please carefully read and follow the included step-by-step application instructions.  Do not use Boil Gone in combination with salves, ointments, creams, or oils – such products will leave behind deposits of residue that absorb into the skin, preventing the Boil Gone liquid from penetrating into the skin.  Glands in your skin excrete natural oils, so it is important to clean and rinse the skin thoroughly before each application.  Using a hot compress is an excellent method of drawing naturally-occurring oils and toxins (via perspiration) out of the skin.  Soap can leave behind a residue as well, so be sure to rinse skin thoroughly before each application.

No-Hassle Return Policy
We’re here to help.  If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase of Boil Gone, we will promptly issue a full refund for the product purchase price, including non-expedited shipping fees (limit one bottle), for U.S. customers. If you have not done so, please review the Boil Gone Home Page to learn more about Boil Gone before ordering. Please also review the Boil Gone No-Hassle Return and Refund Policy page.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 125 reviews
It works!

I was getting tired of getting boils so I thought I try Boil Gone. When I started to get a boil, I applied BG and within days it was starting to disappear and eventually gone!


I love it

So Thankful For This Product

Boil Gone is amazing!! I occasionally get a boil in the same spot and it would usually go away on its own or it would become big and painful and I would try to drain it myself (I know that's a big no-no) but I didn't have the time or money to get it dealt with. The last time it showed up it was worse than usual due to infection so I decided to take a chance on this product before spending lots of money at a doctor and after 24 hours it was noticeably smaller, less painful and seemed to be healing. I applied Boil Gone as recommended and after a few days it was way smaller and less red. After a week or two it was completely gone and hasn't come back. Can't recommend it enough!

Super Surprised!!!

I was very skeptical about ordering product...if this products was real and really going to work...due to ordering other products brought from online websites which their products were straight garbage...but I can say as my review title "Super Surprised!!"...this product really does work and fast and safe and works on acne too... Boil Gone mos def get a 5 star rating...and thanks for being true by your words on your website


I was searching for something other than the usual over the counter ointments for boils. I found Boil Be Gone in my online search and ordered it to try since other products weren’t working for me. I applied in twice before going to bed and when I awoke my boil not only popped but it was a lot smaller in size. I have very sensitive skin and the two applications did leave me with a burning sensation for a couple minutes. I am glad I stuck with it because it is the only thing that worked for me and in under 12 hours.


It has seemed to stop some when caught at first sight of them! Awesome!!👍


It’s a very good medicine. It’s eases the pain of boil and even pimples. Above all the boils if you apply early, they will disappear. I will definitely buy more

Love it

I would buy again


Love it


Great product



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